William Byrd (±1539-1623): Factus Est Repente – Merbecke Choir

Factus Est Repente, by William Byrd – a communion motet for Pentecost, from Byrd’s Gradualia II, 1607, number 35.

This performance is by the Merbecke Choir, directed by Huw Morgan, at Southwark Cathedral on 20 November 2012, as part of a poetry evening hosted by the Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy.
Photos by Marcos Avlonitis.

Enjoy :-)


Text & Translation:  Factus Est Repente

Factus est repente de coelo sonus,
tamquam advenientis spiritus vehementis ubi erant sedentes,
Suddenly there came a sound from heaven,
as of a mighty wind coming where they were seated,
et repleti sunt omnes Spiritu Sancto,
loquentes magnalia Dei,
alleluia, alleluia.

and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit,
speaking the wonderful works of God,
alleluia, alleluia.

Video, description, & translation source: Factus Est Repente – William Byrd – YouTube. Published on Nov 21, 2012 by TheMerbeckeChoir.

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