Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548-1611): Consurgit Christus – Escolania del Escorial

Coro Escolania del Escorial

This Paschal motet takes its text from a verse of the sixth century Ambrosian hymn Ad coenam Agni providi (The Lamb’s High Banquet We Await). The hymn or verses of it are normally sung at Vespers between Easter Sunday and the Feast of the Ascension it’s sung here by the boys of the Escolania del Escorial enjoy :-).


Video Source: Escolania Escorial: Consurgit Christus (T. L. Victoria) – YouTube. Uploaded on Apr 4, 2010 by Escolania del Escorial.

Text & Translation: Consurgit Christus

Consurgit Christus tumulo,
victor redit de barathro,
tyrannum trudens vinculo
et paradisum referans.
For Christ, arising from the dead,
from conquered hell victorious sped,
and thrust the tyrant down to chains,
and Paradise for man regains.

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