Edvard Grieg (1843-1907): Jeg Elsker Dig – Barbara Bonney

Grieg met H.c. Anderson during the 1860s and inspired by these encounters set two of Andersen’s poems one of which was Jeg Elsker Dig (I love you) which you can hear below. There are lots of good recordings of this available but the one I keep coming back to is  by Barbara Bonney. Enjoy :-)


Heading Here

Min Tankes Tanke ene du er vorden,
Du er mit Hjertes første Kærlighed.
Jeg elsker Dig, som Ingen her på Jorden,
Jeg elsker Dig i Tid og Evighed!

H.C. Andersen

You have become the single thought of my thoughts,
you are the first love of my heart.
I love you as no one else here on Earth,
I love you for time and eternity!

Performer: Barbara Bonney

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