Dieterich Buxtehude (±1637-1707) (Attrib): Accedite gentes BuxWV 1

It’s a bit unsure whether this papraphrasis of verses from the Psalms is by Buxtehude or not. It was first published as one of his works by Søren Sørensen in 1957 but within a year Sørensen revealed that he had come to doubt its authenticity. Martin Geck also considered it to be an attributed work rather than an authentically Buxtehudian one while Georg Karstädt accepted as an authentic work and published it in the main part of the first edition of the Buxtehude-Werke-Verzeichnis.

Whether you consider it to be just a "school of" work or as something penned by the master it’s a lovely obbligato style piece of music that more than repays the time spent listening it. Enjoy :-).


Dieterich Buxtehude (±1637-1707) (Attrib): Accedite gentes BuxWV 1

Accedite gentes, occurrite populi, adorate
Dominum; laudate nomen sanctum ejus,
accedite unanimis. Magnus est Dominus
Deus noster, et magna virtus ejus, laudabilis
et gloriosus in saecula. Suavis et mitis est, clemens
et benignus est, longanimis et multae
misericordiae invocantibus eum, et parcens
peccatis nostris. Non est deus similis ei, non
est deus sicut Deus noster. Fugiant omnes
iniqui, confundantur omnes, et pereant a
facie tua, pereant a facie ejus. Sicut ignis qui
comburit silvam, et sicut flamma comburens
montes, ita persequetur illos in tempestate
sua, et in ira sua. Nos autem qui diligimus
Dominum, regnabimus in aeternum

Anonymous paraphrase of selected verses
from the Book of Psalms

Come hither, all nations, come running, all
peoples, adore the Lord; praise his holy name,
come hither with one voice. Great is our Lord
God, and great is his power, let him be praised
and glorified for ever. He is sweet and gentle,
forgiving and gracious, long-suffering and
full of pity for those who call upon him; he
pardons our sins. There is no god like him,
there is no god like our God. All evil men shall
flee, they shall all be confounded and perish
before your face; they shall perish before his
face. Like fire consuming the forest and flame
consuming the mountainside, so shall he
pursue them in his tempest and his wrath. But
we who love the Lord shall reign eternally

Performers: Theatre of Voices directed by Paul Hillier

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