William Mundy (±1529-1591): Beatus et sanctus

Mundy’s five-part Beatus et sanctus (Blessed and holy) is a wonderful example of an early Elizabethan motet the writing is very clear and spare and yet very affecting. Enjoy :-).


William Mundy (±1529-1591):

Beatus et sanctus qui habet partem
in resurrectione prima, in quo enim secunda mors non habet potestatem.

Blessed and holy is he who has a share
in the first resurrection, for over him the second death holds no sway.

Sederunt sacerdotes Dei et Christi, et regnabunt in eo mille annis.

The priests of God and of Christ have taken
their seat, and they rule therein for a thousand years.

Performers: The Sixteen conducted by Harry Christophers

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