Patrick Hawes (Born 1958): Song of Songs

The sixth and last in Hawes’ enchanting series of songs based upon the Song of Songs – I find the series as a whole so good that it’s hard to single out any of them but this ecstatically joyful song — the penultimate in the series is nevertheless very special. Enjoy :-).


Patrick Hawes (Born 1958): Song of Songs

Gleaming, shining
golden starlight.
Rising, burning
silver moonlight.
Warming glowing
streaming sunlight.
Sing my heart
The song of songs!

Dance heavens!
Dance starlight!
Dance sunlight!
Dance moonlight!
To the highest song of songs.

Maria Regina!
Christus Est!
Who is this
Who comes like the dawn?
Who scatters the darkness and heralds the morn?
Maria Regina!
Christus Est!

Performers: Elin Manahan Thomas (soprano), Conventus, English Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Patrick Hawes

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