Robert White (±1538-1574): Domine, quis habitabit (III)

Mid-sixteenth century English composers were great admirers of Josquin and sought to emulate him. His psalm motets were particularly admired and pretty much everyone tried their hand at least once, White was no exception this is his setting of Psalm 14 – you might find it interesting to contrast it with Byrd’s setting about  which I wrote here: William Byrd (±1539-1623): Domine, quis habitabit? | Saturday Chorale. Enjoy :-).


Robert White (±1538-1574): Domine, quis habitabit (III

Domine, quis habitabit in tabernaculo tuo:
aut quis requiescet in monte sancto tuo?
Qui ingreditur sine macula:
et operatur iustitiam.
Qui loquitur veritatem in corde suo:
non detrahit in lingua sua.
Nec facit proximo suo malum:
nec improbat proximum suum.
Contemptus est in oculis eius malus:
timentes autem Dominum glorificat.
Qui iurat se affligere, non mutabit:
pecuniam suam non dedit ad usuram,
et munera super innocentem non accepit.
Qui facit haec, non movebitur in aeternum.

Psalm 14

Lord, who shall dwell in your tent:
or who shall come to rest on your holy mountain?
He who enters without stain:
and who labours for justice.
He who speaks the truth from his heart:
and who practises no disparagement with his tongue.
Nor does any harm to his neighbour:
nor condemns his neighbour.
The wicked man is contemptible in his sight:
but those who fear the Lord he highly praises.
He who pledges his oath, and will not change it:
who does not lend money at interest,
and does not accept bribes against the innocent.
He who does these things will never be shaken.

Performers: Magnificat directed by Philip Cave.

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