Peter Philips (1560-1628): Ascendit Deus

Peter Philips’ five-part setting of the Offertory motet Ascendit Deus (God has ascended) was written In Festo Ascensionis Domini it takes its text from Psalm Psalm 46 (47): 5 and 102 (103):19. As you might expect from Philips it’s a superbly written piece of  music which opens with a marvellous rising figure before moving on to a depiction of fanfares at in voce tubae (with the sound of the trumpet). Enjoy :-)


Peter Philips (1560-1628): Ascendit Deus

Ascendit Deus in iubilatione,
et Dominus in voce tubae. Alleluia.
Dominus in caelo paravit sedem suam. Alleluia.

God has ascended with jubilation,
and the Lord with the sound of the trumpet. Alleluia.
The Lord has prepared his seat in heaven. Alleluia.

Performers: Westminster Cathedral Choir conducted by James O’Donnell

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