Luca Marenzio (±1554 – 1599): O Rex gloriae

Luca Marenzio, better known for his madrigals than his sacred music although he did produce one book of sacred madrigals his Motectorum pro festis totius anni in 1585 from which this setting of  O Rex gloriae (O King of glory) the Antiphon to the Magnificat for Second Vespers at Ascension comes. It’s a four-part setting (SATB) that’s dramatic, colourful, and very madrigalian in form. It’s performed here by the Coro de Cámara de Madrid as part of the International Festival of Toledo conducted by Ana Fernández-Vega. Enjoy :-).


Text & Translation: O Rex gloriae

O Rex gloriae, Domine virtutum,
qui triumphator hodie super omnes coelos ascendisti;
ne derelinquas nos orphanos,
sed mitte promissum Patris in nos,
spiritum veritatis.

O King of glory, Lord of all power,
Who ascended to heaven on this day triumphant over all;
Do not leave us as orphans,
But send us the Father’s promise,
The spirit of truth.

Video Source: "O Rex gloriae" Luca Marenzio – YouTube. Published on Nov 21, 2014 by Ana Fernández-Vega, Conductor.

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