Jacquet de Mantua (1483 -1559): O pulcherrima inter mulieres

This three-part (SSA) motet is one of a collection of motets entitled Motetta trium vocum for three voices  by several composers1 including Jacquet de Mantua published in Venice in 1543 by Antonio Gardano. It’s a bitter-sweet setting whose text using imagery from the Song of Songs reflects the emotional anguish that can be caused by love and whose parts accordingly range within the Phrygian mode tonality. Enjoy :-)


Jacquet de Mantua (1483 -1559): O pulcherrima inter mulieres

O pulcherrima inter mulieres:
vulnerasti cor meum, sponsa mea, dilecta mea.

O most beautiful of women:
you have wounded my heart, my bride, my beloved.

The Brabant Ensemble conducted by Stephen Rice.
Helen Ashby (soprano), Kate Ashby (soprano), Eloise Irving (soprano), Emma Ashby (alto), Sarah Coatsworth (alto), Claire Eadington (alto), Fiona Rogers (alto).


  1. There were four composers in the the collection Jacquet de Mantua, Cristóbal de Morales, Costanzo Festa, and Adrian Willaert – mfi.

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