Beatam me dicent – Antiphona ad communionem

This communion antiphon is sung here as it would have been sung in Venice during a Marian Mass, that is a Mass offered within the framework of a liturgy set out for a Marian feast day. The chant in this case is taken from the Commune Festorum B. Mariae Virginis which set out the liturgically appropriate texts for the various Marian feasts. Enjoy :-)


Beatam me dicent – Antiphona ad communionem

Beatam me dicent omnes generationes
Quia fecit mihi magna qui potens est:
All generations shall call me blessed
For he that is mighty hath magnified me:
Magnificat anima mea Dominum.
Et exsultavit spiritus meus in Deo salutari meo.
My soul doth magnify the Lord:
and my spirit rejoiceth in God my Saviour.
Schola  Gregoriana directed by Allesio Randon. 
Nicola Bellinazzo, Giorgio Mazzuccato;
Cristian Scalmatti, Mariano Zarpello. 

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