Adrian Willaert (±1490-1562): Mittit ad virginem

Willært’s setting of  this sequence hymn for The Annunciation, the text of which is by Abelard was published in Venice in 1559 as part of his "Musica Nova" – the newness in this case refers to the fact that these motets had never been published before. It’s a calm and beautifully harmonised setting whose restrained nature gives an impression almost of homophony. Enjoy :-).


Adrian Willaert (±1490-1562): Mittit ad virginem

Mittit ad virginem non quemvis angelum sed fortitudinem suum archangelum amator hominis.

He has sent to the Virgin no less an angel than
strength itself, his archangel, the lover of mankind.

Fortem expediat pro nobis nuntium naturae faciat ut praejudicium in partu virginis.

A strong messenger he sends to us, so that
he might effect through nature a sign of the
virgin birth.

Naturam superet natus rex gloriae regnet et imperet et zyma scoriae tollat de medio.

May he overcome nature, the newborn King
of Glory: May he reign and rule, and divide the
leaven from the surrounding ashes.

Superbientium terat fastigia colla sublimium calcans vi propria potens in proelio.

May he humble the proud, trampling in his
might on their haughty necks, the mighty one
in battle.

Foras ejiciat mundanum principem secumque faciat matrem participem patris imperii.

May he cast out the prince of this world and
make his mother a partner with him in his
Father’s kingdom.

Exi qui mitteris haec dona discere revela veteris velamen litterae virtute nuntii. Accede nuntia dic Ave cominus dic plena gratia dic tecum Dominus et dic ne timeas.

Go forth, thou who hast been sent, to announce
these gifts. Remove the veil of ancient scripture with the strength of thy message. Approach, tell thy announcement: say, in personal communication: ‘Hail!’ Say: ‘O full of grace!’ Say: ‚‘The Lord is with thee!’ And say: ‘Fear not!’

Virgo suscipias dei depositum in quo perficias castum propositum et votum teneas.

As virgin receive the divine deposit, and
fulfill thy chaste purpose, keeping thy vow.

Audit et suscipit puella nuntium credit et concipit et parit filium sed admirabilem.

The maiden hears and accepts the announcement.
She believes and conceives, and bears a son, a wondrous one:

Consiliarium Humani generis et deum fortium et patrem posteris in pace stabilem. Cujus stabilitas nos reddat stabiles ne nos labilitas humana labiles secum praecipitet.

The counselor of the human race and God
of the strong, and the Father to future generations,
one firm in faith.

Sed dator veniae concessa venia per matrem gratiae obtenat gratia in nobis habitet.

So arise for us light of light: thus was the
man born, conceived in a virgin, one who
forgives wickedness.

Qui nobis tribuat peccati veniam reatus deleat et donet patriam in arce siderum.

May he that grants us pardon of our sins,
wipe away all our guilt, and give us the
homeland in the starry heavens. Amen.

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