Richard Farrant (±1525– 1580): Call to remembrance – Kampen Boys Choir

Richard Farrant’s1 ‘Call to remembrance’ sung here by the always excellent Dutch choir The Kampen Boys Choir. Not much of Farrant’s music survives but that which does survive – such as this anthem, must have spread like wildfire all over England to judge from the number of sources in which it can be found. I’ve put the text below the video.Enjoy :-).


‘Call to remembrance’ sang by the Kampen Boys Choir (NL) and conducted by Rintje te Wies.
The recording was made in the Martinikerk Doesburg (NL) on October 19th 2013.
‘Call to remembrance’ is composed by Richard Farrant (1530 – 1580).
Audio recording: Chiel Timmer
Video editing: Jeroen Strijke

Text: Call to remembrance

Call to remembrance, O Lord,
Thy tender mercies
and Thy loving kindness,
which hath been ever of old,
O remember not the sins and offences of my youth:
but according to Thy mercy
think Thou on me, O Lord,
for Thy goodness.

Video & Description Source:

 Call to remembrance – Kampen Boys Choir – YouTube. Published on Nov 6, 2013 by Henk Stoel


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