Jacquet de Mantua (1483-1559): O Jesu Christe

This setting of O Jesu Christe, or O Jesu Christe Miserere Mei  (O Jesus Christ, have mercy on me) to give it its full title was often attributed to Jacquet de Berchem but is now known to be by Jacquet de Mantua. It’s a four-part (SATB) motet whose personal nature – have mercy on me as opposed to have mercy on us is typical of the shift of emphasis that heralds renaissance religious music. It’s a beautiful little thing, gently confident and serene, which makes it all the more surprising that it’s so difficult to get your hands on a good commercial recording. Fortunately the always excellent Polish choir Schola Una Voce have uploaded the performance you can hear below. I’ve put the text and translation below the video.  Enjoy :-).


Video Source: Schola Una Voce – O Jesu Christe (Jacquet de Mantua / Berchem) – YouTube. Published on Jun 8, 2015 by Schola Una Voce.

Text & Translation: O Jesu Christe Miserere Mei 

O Jesu Christe, miserere mei,
cum[quum] dolore langueo:
O Domine, tu es spes mea.
Clamavi ad te, miserere mei.

O Jesus Christ, have mercy on me,
When I languish with grief.
Lord, thou art my hope.
Unto thee have I cried: have mercy on me.

2 thoughts on “Jacquet de Mantua (1483-1559): O Jesu Christe

  1. You are so right MFI, this is rare and sublimely beautiful. Thank you for posting and sharing this Schola Una Voce piece.

    Bro. John

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