Jean Lhéritier (±1480 — ±1552): Nigra sum a 5 — Live Flos Campi

Jean Lhéritier’s five-part (SATTB) setting of Nigra Sum  from the Song of Songs sung here at a live performance given on May 5th 2013 at St. Vincent Catholic Church, Los Angeles. I’ve put the text as set by Lhéritier below the video. Enjoy :-).


"Nigra sum sed formosa" (a 5)
Jean L’Héritier (c. 1480-post 1551)
Gabriel Fanelli, conductor
Flos Campi
Vicente Chavarria, Artistic Director
Media Vita: Life & Death in the Franco-Flemish Renaissance

Video and performer information source: L’Héritier: Nigra sum a 5 (Flos Campi) – YouTube. Published on May 22, 2013 by Flos Campi.

Lhéritier’s text

Nigra sum sed formosa filiae JherusalemI am black but beautiful, daughters of Jerusalem,
Ideo dilexit me rex et introduxit me in cubiculum suum.Therefore have I pleased the Lord and he hath brought me into his chamber.

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