Sunday Concert: Johann Rosenmüller (±1619-1684): Gli Angeli Genève – Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht 2016 – Live concert HD

Rosenmüller’s one of those German early Baroque composers who transmitted the new Italian style of music making to Germany. He was born in Oelsnitz a small town in Saxony on the banks of the Weiße Elster about 10 kilometres south of Plauen. He received his early musical training at the Lateinschule at Oelsnitz but moved to Leipzig to attend the university there graduating in theology in 1640 while in Leipzig he would have continued his study of music most likely under Thomaskantor Tobias Michael, he was appointed as an assistant to the Thomasschule in 1642 rising to become the first assistant in 1650 with a promise from the city council that he would succeed to the Thomasschule cantorate. Then in 1655 disaster struck he and a group of boys were suspected of homosexual activities and imprisoned. Somehow he contrived to escape from prison and fled first to Hamburg and subsequently to Venice where he worked both at St. Mark’s and the Pietà. He returned to Germany two years before he died taking a post as choir master to Duke Anton-Ulrich of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel he died in Wolfenbüttel on September 10 1684 where he is buried. His music shows various influences notably Heinrich Schütz, Giovanni Legrenzi, and Arcangelo Corelli, but it would be a mistake to think of him as simply "school of" those composers either jointly or severally he was a talented composer in his own right who like Schütz (who admired him greatly) was determined to transmit to the North the best and newest musical practices of the South as you can hear in the concert below consisting of some of his sacred music given by Gli Angeli Genève conducted by Stephan Macleod at a concert given on August 26th 2016 in Utrecht’s Tivoli as part of this year’s Utrecht Festival of Ancient Music. Enjoy :-).


Programme´- Johann Rosenmüller (±1619-1684):

  • Dixit Dominus – 0:05
  • Laudate pueri Dominum – 21:07
  • Laetatus sum – 38:05
  • Lauda Jerusalem – 53:15
  • Magnificat – 1:10:11

Performers: Gli Angeli Genève directed by Stephan Macleod

  • Aleksandra Lewandowska, Lucía Martín Cartón [soprano]
  • Alex Potter, Terry Wey [contratenor]
  • Thomas Hobbs, Jan Kobow [tenor]
  • Stephan MacLeod [bass and musical direction]
  • Video Source: Rosenmüller – Gli Angeli Genève – Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht 2016 – Live concert HD – YouTube. Published on Aug 30, 2016 by AVROTROS Klassiek.

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