"Fortunately, I keep my feathers numbered for just such an emergency".

Welcome. This site’s genesis lies in a series of posts on Choral Music entitled "Saturday Chorale" that  I wrote over a period of several months on another site. The series was well received, it turned out that a lot of people enjoyed listening to and reading about choral music. Then disaster struck — the posts were wiped out during a server migration that went wrong. The site’s technical people worked very hard and managed to retrieve the data. But I’d learnt my lesson,  the experience of seeing all that work suddenly vanish spurred me to stop procrastinating and finish setting up this site. Fortunately I had kept my own backup copies of what I’d written about what is some very lovely music. So it wasn’t a question of starting completely from scratch.

My ambition for "saturdaychorale.com" is that people who love music will be glad they visited and want to come back. The musical performances I write about and link to here range from medieval music to modern hits. The performers range from the "big name" choirs to ones that aren’t so well known. All of them in my opinion are worth your while listening to.

I’ll be developing the site further over the next few months, adding new music, but also new features and facilities. What I’ll never do is have advertisements on the site, or ask you for money, or put tracking codes from companies like Facebook or Google on the site.

I love music in general and  choral music in particular, and set this place up for fellow music lovers. I hope you’ll enjoy the performances I’ve highlighted here as much or more as I have.

Kind regards,