Francisco de Peñalosa (±1470-1528): Sacris Solemnis

This setting of Sacris solemnis is largely a reconstruction by Bruno Turner as only one verse of Peñalosa’s setting of  the Corpus Christi hymn is known to have survived. It’s an alternatim setting in which Peñalosa’s polyphony alternates with the catchy and popular Spanish melody for the hymn. Enjoy :-) mfi

Orlande de Lassus (±1530-1594): Osculetur me

De Lassus used this motet which takes its text from the Song of Songs as the basis for his Mass of the same name. It’s an eight-part setting for double choir (SATB SATB) first published in 1582 in Fasciculi aliquot sacrarum it’s characterise by long phrasing offset by contrapuntal writing and contrasting sonority between the…