Corpus Christi 2016 – Ave Verum Corpus

The boys of the Senior’s Boy’s Schola  of Glenstal Benedictine Abbey, Limerick, Ireland, sing Ave verum corpus the 14th century hymn to the Blessed Sacrament attributed to Pope Innocent VI appointed to be sung on the feast of  Corpus Christi. mfi

John Dankworth (1927-2010): Light of the World

If you know the English jazz scene you probably think of the late John Dankworth either as a brilliant jazz composer and saxophonist or as Cleo Laine’s husband but his talents were too great and too broad to be confined to any one genre. His setting of Paul Wigmore’s "Light of the world" is a…


In which the boys of the Choral school for boys DUBNA sing to us most enjoyably of hats. My first earwig of the year. Enjoy :-). mfi