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Libera: Exsultate – Live

April 14, 2012

Libera sing 'Exsultate' for Sunday worship service at the Moody Church, Chicago

Lyrics are below the fold. Enjoy :-).


Video Source: Libera - Exsultate (Live!) – YouTube Uploaded by MegaJimmyRiddle on Jul 31, 2011

Lyrics: Exsultate Lyrics

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Wednesday Earwig: Escolania Escorial: Ensayo de un Concierto (Mozart)

April 11, 2012

I couldn't resist posting this they so clearly enjoyed singing it – it's from the 2006 concert given by the Escolania Escorial for the boys' families. The soloist and conductor was Manuel Almendral – aged ten at the time. Enjoy :-).


Source: Escolania Escorial: Ensayo de un Concierto (Mozart) – YouTube Uploaded by EscolaniadelEscorial on 10 Feb 2010

Libera: How Shall I Sing that Majesty –

April 4, 2012

This recording of How Shall I Sing was transmitted on Songs of Praise on 1 April 2012

Video Source: How Shall I Sing that Majesty – YouTube Uploaded by OfficialLibera on Apr 1, 2012

Enjoy :-).


Lyrics: How Shall I Sing that Majesty

How great a being, which doth all beings keep
Thy knowledge the only line to sound so vast a deep

Thou art a sea without a shore, a sun without a sphere
Thy time is now and evermore, Thy place is everywhere

How shall I sing that Majesty which angels do admire?
Let dust in dust and silence lie
Sing, sing, ye heavenly choir

Libera: Stay with me

March 31, 2012

Video and lyrics source: Libera - Stay with me – YouTube Uploaded by liberaofficial on Oct 7, 2007

Lyrics: Stay with me

You are everything I know
Which ever way I go
For ever stay with me

Venite angeli
Cantate domino

You see me through when ever I'm afraid
However far away
For ever comfort me

You're on my side whichever way I choose
In everything I do
For ever stay with me

Francesco Azopardi: Nisi Dominus — Knabenchor der Chorakademie Dortmund

February 20, 2012

The Maltese composer Francesco Azopardi [Azzopardi], (5 May 1748 — 6 Feb 1809) studied under Carlo Contumacci, Joseph Doll, at the Conservatorio di S Onofrio a Capuana in Naples between 1763 and 1767. He left the conservatorio in 1767 but stayed on as maestro di cappella studying under Niccolò Piccinni. Seven years later he accepted a post in Mdina Cathedral, this return to Malta was permanent,  as well as his duties in the cathedral his growing interest in pedagogy led to the publication of his book Il musico prattico  which was published both in Italian and in French translation. In its time it was a very influential work being used as a text book in Paris while Cherubini based a chapter of his Cours de contrepoint (1835) on its analysis of imitation. Azopardi's own students included Bugeja, Isouard, and Burlon.  His music is often a fusion of contemporary Classical techniques and contrapuntalism and shows a talented composer concerned that his settings should respect the text's spirit and meaning. His setting of "Nisi Dominus" Psalm 126 (127) is performed here by the Knabenchor der Chorakademie Dortmund , the soloists were Carlo Wilfart and Leonard Aurisch. Text and translations are below the fold. Enjoy :-).


Source: Nisi Dominus" Knabenchor der Chorakademie Dortmund – YouTube Uploaded by SoloforTristan on Jan 14, 2012

Text: Nisi Dominus

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