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Diogo Dias Melgás (1638-1700): Recordare Virgo Mater

June 10, 2014

Father Diogo Dias Melgás was born in the town of Cuba, not far from Évora in 1638. He entered the choir school of Évora Cathedral aged eight and spent most of his life there rising to be rector of the school and both mestre da claustra and mestre da capela. His music is very typical of the Portugese school with its emphasis on highly skilled contrapuntalism. Melgás' eight-part setting of the Marian antiphon Recordare Virgo Mater is important not only because it's a beautiful piece of  music in its own right that easily bears comparison to the works of such masters as Patino or Mateo Romero  but because it's one of the few pieces of Portugese polychoral music that survived the disaster of the destruction of King John IV's library in the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. Enjoy :-).


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