Libera: Eternal Light

‘Eternal Light’, performed on BBC ‘Songs of Praise’ in a programme about the movie mogul J Arthur Rank who produced landmark British films like ‘The Red Shoes’ – a reference to which is included in the video. Lyrics, and video both below the fold. Enjoy :-) markfromireland

Circle of Life – University of Utah Singers

The University of Utah Singers perform "Circle of Life" arr. by Fidel Calalang Jr. live in concert, October 30, 2009 in Libby Gardner concert hall under the direction of Dr. Brady Allred. Soloists: Karsten Longhurst & Kevin Golub Lyrics are below the fold if you want to sing along. Enjoy :-) – markfromireland Source: Circle…

In Noctem

The deleted choral scene from “Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince” For the Harry Potter fans amongst us — one in particular, you know who you are :-). Enjoy. Lyrics are in the video, the English is a translation of the Latin. markfromireland Source: