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The Gents conducted by Peter Dijkstra – Live Concert from Concertgebouw Amsterdam

May 11, 2014

The Gents are an all-male Dutch vocal ensemble that has its roots in the wonderful Roden Boys' Choir. They were founded by conductor Peter Dijkstra  in 1999 and he remained as The Gents'  artistic leader/conductor of the ensemble until 2007 when Béni Csillag took over the role. Peter Dijkstra  continues to be involved with The Gents' particularly as their principal guest-conductor as in the concert below. Their repertoire which ranges from Renaissance era religious music to romantic English music, to arrangements of contemporary jazz, to pop songs and works that have been specifically composed for them is impressive as is their talent and professionalism if one of their tours brings them near to you or you're ever in The Netherlands it's well worth your while going to their concerts.  The concert of modern choral music, spirituals, and pop music below was given on March 2nd 2014 at Concertgebouw Amsterdam's lesser Hall and was broadcast by the Dutch broadcaster AVRO as part of their series of Sunday Evening Concerts .  Enjoy :-).


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