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Sunday Playlist: Les Choristes The Choir (2004, Full Film, French with English subtitles)

May 20, 2012

This posting started out as my attempt to satisfy a simple request for the a capella version of 'In Memorian' from 'Les Choristes. It is the nature of grandchildren to escalate their demands and for doting grandparents to cave in  …  The upshot of this situation is that they (and you) get both.

'In Memoriam' is  Bruno Coulais' setting of the Kyrie it's the 20th track on his sound track to the 2004 French film 'Les Choristes'. I like Coulais' music and I particularly like this piece it's sung in the film by the boys of the Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc. Or to put it another way trebles singing a rather beautiful piece of modern music with Descant. The descant is sung by Jean-Baptiste Maunier. You'll find the film in its entirety below the fold. It's worth your while watching in full-screen if you can.

Enjoy :-).


Les Choristes (The Chorus) Soundtrack - In Memoriam (A Capella)

Source: Les Choristes (The Chorus) Soundtrack - In Memoriam A Capella – YouTube Uploaded by wiktusix on Jul 26, 2009

Complete Film:

Click here to listen to the music and read the rest of the posting ...

Les petits chanteurs de saint-Marc (PCSM) – Isabel

October 6, 2011

Jean Crevits is the soloist for this rendition of the Spanish popular song "Isabel" uploaded by judy0595 on May 2, 2010. What can I say? It's a nice song and Jean Crevits has one of the nicest singing voices I know of … Enjoy :-)


Les petits chanteurs de saint-Marc(PCSM) - Isabel - YouTube

Marc Henric: Agnus Dei : Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc

August 4, 2011

chazal001The young French composer Marc Henric is the son of Jean Henric the President of the Choral Federation "Pueri Cantorès". With so much choral music in his background it's hardly surprising that he should turn his hand to choral composition. This is his setting of "Agnus Dei" — it's a thing of beauty. Remarkable to think that Henric is only in his twenties. For this posting I've put two recordings of his "Agnus Dei" into a playlist which you'll find below the fold.

The first is the most recent and is from the Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc's concert at Seoul Arts Center on May 13th, 2011. The soloist for this performance was David Chazal. Chazal's solos in this demanding piece of music are really very good, he has a nice intonation with good diction and good control. Henric's score requires the soloist to cover quite a range and Chazal manages to do this without sounding excessively forced. It's a good performance and one that he, Nicolas Porte, and the choir can all be proud of. At the end of the video there's vigorous applause from the audience who clearly knew they'd just heard some very good singing.

Click here to listen to the music and read the rest of the posting ...

Caresse sur l’Ocean : Les Petits Chanteurs De Saint Marc

August 2, 2011

You probably know this song from the film "Les Choristes" the Petits Chanteurs De Saint Marc were the choir who sang in that film. The soloist Jean Baptiste Maunier played Morhange. Lyrics are in the video. Enjoy :-)


Vois Toi Sur Chemin : Les Choristes

May 18, 2011

Because we haven't had an earwig for a while. Lyrics are in the video. Enjoy :-)



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